When the word meditation comes to mind, what does it bring to you?

Frustration? Self criticism? Judgmental thinking? That we should do more or maybe that we just don’t even really understand where to start with meditation.

No two people are the same, just as no two snowflakes are the same, the intricate details and underlying depth of our unique frames both inside and out are evident that we are completely original and unique. With that in mind, it tells us that we each have our own unique special gift to bring to the world. How do we find this gift of passion and fire that can ignite our creativity and expand our minds to inspire us to our full potential?

The answer is simple….meditation. Meditation, unlike anything else is the only method that allows us to come up with new ideas, inspirations and inventions.

Here are a few simple ways to get started with meditation:

  1. Find a quiet, calm space where you cannot be disturbed as this time belongs to you.
  2. Start with your eyes open, with a soft gaze looking at something beautiful that brings joy to your heart.
  3. Have a glass of water and a candle lit to set your intention, you may play soft music if this is helpful for you.
  4. Bring your awareness to your breath, feel it enter your body and observe its presence, you may wish to give it a lighter clear colour on the breath in and a darker colour on your breathe out.
  5. There are four different positions to meditate in. The first is seated with your back straight and head sitting slightly foreword, the second is lying on your back with your palms facing upward, the third is standing while you feel the weight of your feet plant into the ground and fourthly walking meditation is great for allowing exercise and peace of mind, a good tip is to count your steps up to 10 then start again.

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