Surrendering means to fall into the hands of the universe without first asking “I’m doing a trust fall, ok?”

We are in a society where a lot of people are starting to awaken to this new concept of surrendering, detachment, letting go… whichever you would like to call it. We are finally starting to understand that the world needs less control and more letting go.

When we really look at this concept, it can be quite difficult for most of us because we have grown accustom to the lifestyles that keep us safe. Following a routine keeps us feeling safe and it allows us to feel secure in a world that we know nothing about, a world that is so full of fear that we continue to grasp onto the concept that we actually have something to hold on to when we really don’t.

Let me give you an example of what surrendering has looked like for me over the last couple of years, not only has it benefited me in the moment although different the feeling is freeing and it’s the basis as to where freedom comes from. If we want to be free in a world that tries to keep us captive, how do we get the upper hand? It is that less is more mentality, it’s been allowing others to go their own way and knowing my security lies within my ability to change and continue to work on myself. There is something so interesting that happens when we let go of fear and start to feel love and exude the confidence that has always been there. People start to respect you and they actually want to “be like you”. They want to know your secret, they want someone that they can follow, they want a leader and that is just who they are looking for, someone who isn’t afraid to take on whatever is thrown their way. We will never feel completely safe in the world if we hang onto things, items, people, the indefinites in life. Things are going to come in and out of your life but the only thing that will always be there is you.

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