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Erica Flynn

“Take one’s own wishes into consideration then decide how to act or proceed.”

Erica Flynn Is a natural healer combining the mind and body as main source of healing. When you look at the way our spinal column is connected with the base of our brain and they send signals to each other back and fourth there is no doubt that the mind and body are one unit. To treat them separately simply does not make sense, this is why old patterns of pain continue to come back.

Pain arising in the body is linked to emotions which are the very basis of humane function, these emotions come from trauma which is stored in the body. We have all experienced some trauma in our levels although the degree of it varies. Do you ever wonder why pain keeps reoccurring?

Erica’s job is to help guide her patients to find these blockages of pain in their bodies to release them becoming pain free from chronic pain.

How I came about this method is through healing my own chronic pain which was linked to past trauma living in my body. I was dealing with pain that could be described as chronic as it was all over my body. Instead of running from the pain I decided it was time to face it and have discontinued all use of pain relievers.

Pain or dysfunction in one’s body is always the first sign that something is wrong, our bodies are smart like that they try to protect us. In Gabor Mate’s book “when the body says no” he provides concrete evidence supporting that our body is always providing us signs/symptoms that if not taken care of can lead to dis-tress in the body. If the stress is not dealt with it can turn into disease. Correlating stress reduction lives in the body as trauma lives in our body. Explaining why there are so many people suffering from pain and mental health.



  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
  • Post Concussion Syndrome techniques such as PRT & Reflex Zone therapy
  • Medical Massage ongoing practitioner
  • Advanced Treatment Expert
  • Intuitive Techniques
  • Access Bars- Access Consciousness

Education & Association:

  • Massage Therapy Association Of Manitoba
  • 2200 hour college Diploma MTCM College
  • Head, neck and jaw Master Class
  • When the headache is ominous Course
  • Post Concussion syndrome Course
  • Trigger point specific course