Healing The Body

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Healing the body is possible

When it comes to understanding the body the answer is simple. Create space inside the body to remove blockages open up blood vessels allowing more antibodies and red blood cells to flow and increase therefor reducing dis-ease (refers to a state of chaos in the body which can lead to disease) and maximizing health.

The way we have been looking at healing has been completely backwards and it’s time for a change! When we work from the inside out we are not just focusing on the symptoms of the pain or dysfunction we are actually looking for the root cause. Instead of focusing on just the layers of skin, fascia and muscles that cover the body. We take a deeper dive into the brain and how it connects and sends signals from the nervous system up through the spinal cord lamina and the vagal nerve giving us awareness of how memories, thoughts, past events are all interconnected. Even the organs, immune system, lymph system, endocrine system are all interwoven together and our goal is to have your body working in a healthy integrative way.

Once you get rid of the toxins, bring balance the blockages, release old trauma from your body the mind begins to feel sharper and more alive, the body functions better and you learn the techniques of how the body and mind work simultaneously together to reach optimal levels of health and well-being.

The real truth lies in the autonomic nervous system and it’s ability to switch from sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze) to the parasympathetic system which is the rest and digest comfortable more peaceful side. We wan to bring your body into homeostasis which is a balance between both systems. Each person is unique, differentiation is what makes us feel lonely, different and that others do not understand us. With my approach I use the sharing mind to connect with the regulating brain to create harmonious relationships with yourself and the outside world.

Taking a look at our bodies as a whole integrative approach is simple when you have the right skills to do so. Many of us struggle to find a balance between our mind & body, this can lead to dysfunction that interrupt the harmony of our bodies. My approach to illness, stress and pain is to refocus your thought pattern, by transforming all of the systems in your body to a healthy whole unit that can rejoice in recovery.

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How does mind & body therapy work

To heal the body and mind one must want to get better. Once this has been established we simply begin the process of focusing your attention to what is happening within your body and bring you to a state of heightened awareness to be able to connect the dots between the pain/emotional pain your are feeling and what your brain and nervous system are doing/thinking of at the time. The interconnectedness between the brain and the body grows within time.  Eventually clearing and cleaning out the body by way of interpersonal neurobiology.

“Beauty is the moment you decide to become yourself”

-Coco Chanel